Asmit (Character)
English Name Asmit
Japanese Name Asumitto (アスミット)
Voice Actor Kazuhiro Nakata
Gender Male
Age (215) 29
Relationships -
Country Leonia
Original Castle Tallas
Class Bishop
Equipment Almighty Ring
Initial Status
Level 13
HP 491
MP 272
Rune Power 214
Rune Area 4
Strength 68
Intelligence 80
Agility 68
Attack 201
Defense 112
Experience 7946
Next Level 1141
"A wise Knight in Leonia, who is also known as the "Perfect Man". His perfectionism usually puts people off. However, the Queen places complete trust in him. Kiloph may be jealous of him because the Queen relies on Asmit on most occasions."

Asmit is a Rune Knight from Leonia.



Asmit has dark brown eyes and long silver hair that he wears in a ponytail.

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