Barbarian (Japanese: バーバリアン) is a Rune Knight class in the Brigandine series.


Barbarians are on the first tier of male classes. Upon reaching Level 10, a Barbarian can upgrade to a Cavalier, Berserker, or Samurai. Rune Knights can only become Barbarians if their STR is 65 or higher.

Initial StatusEdit

Elements: None

Class Change: Berserker, Cavalier, Samurai

Base ATK: 70

Base DEF: 85

Move: 4-6

Move Type: Land

Stat Growth:

HP: 12-16

MP: 0-2

STR: 1-2

INT: 0-1

AGI: 0-2

Attacks Edit

Attack Name Attack Type Range MP Game Description Target
Fury Axe Melee 1 Hex - "Attack with Axe" Enemies
Axe Rush Melee 1 Hex - "Critical Attack" Enemies

Skills Edit

  • Counter Damage +10% (GE only)

Gallery Edit