Batercus (Character)
English Name Batercus
Japanese Name Batarukasu (バタルカス)
Voice Actor Masashi Sugawara
Gender Male
Age (215) 30
Relationships -
Country New Almekia
Original Castle Camelford
Class Grappler
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 13
HP 604
MP 94
Rune Power 176
Rune Area 4
Strength 77
Intelligence 48
Agility 78
Attack 229
Defense 121
Experience 5905
Next Level 981
"Born and raised in Padstow, he is known as the "Ogre of Padstow" for his fierce way of fighting. Although he intimidates people who don't know him, he is a mild person at heart. He never gives up and is always calm."

Batercus is a Rune Knight from New Almekia.


When a country captures New Almekia's last castle, Batercus will join another country at random.


Batercus has tanned skin, light blue eyes, and spiky red hair.