BeauArte (Character)
English Name BeauArte
Japanese Name Boarute (ボアルテ)
Voice Actor Jun'ichi Sugawara
Gender Male
Age (215) 53
Relationships -
Country Caerleon
Original Castle Linnuis
Class Bishop
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 12
HP 479
MP 260
Rune Power 224
Rune Area 4
Strength 61
Intelligence 74
Agility 62
Attack 187
Defense 110
Experience 7946
Next Level 0
"A Bishop who has worked for the Caerleon Royal Family since the late King. People think of him as being a coward, but this isn't true. He controls young Knights who may act recklessly, and supports the King."

BeauArte is a Rune Knight from Caerleon.


BeauArte is a bishop who has worked for Caerleon's royal family since the days of the late king.


BeauArte has pale eyes and brown hair, some of which is covered by his miter. He also has a beard and mustache.