Bilcock (Character)
English Name Bilcock
Japanese Name Birukokku (ビルコック)
Voice Actor Akira Ishida
Gender Male
Age (215) 21
Relationships -
Country Caerleon
Original Castle Hervery
Class Priest
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 5
HP 421
MP 216
Rune Power 156
Rune Area 3
Strength 60
Intelligence 63
Agility 58
Attack 180
Defense 104
Experience 1530
Next Level 525
"A Priest who spends more time on inventions instead of praying, which causes BeauArte headaches. His inventions are usually not practical, but King Cai states, "They are practical, they amuse Merriot."

Bilcock is a Rune Knight from Caerleon.


When a country captures Caerleon's last castle, Bilcock will join that country.

Bilcock is a priest and self-proclaimed inventor who serves Caerleon. It is shown in his inventions that he does not think things through. When you place him in the same castle with Cai, there will be dialogues that will show his new inventions. If you go through all of his dialogues with Cai, Bilcock will get 1 STR point.

The first invention he showed to King Cai was a stick that one can lean on to sleep while standing up. Its purpose was for the guards of the castle to be able to sleep without letting their captain know because they are standing up. The second invention is a pair of boots that lets one jump extremely high. The drawback of the boots is that landing is not safe and can potentially kill you if you jump too high. The third invention is a carriage that runs without horses, which he calls a "car". It only moves as fast as a human; however, if you put any weight on top of it, it will either slow down or stop. After seeing these three inventions, Cai assigned him to become Merriot's new toymaker.

The fourth invention he showed to King Cai was "The Magic Knight". It's a mechanical robot that moves on gears. Its purpose was to strengthen Caerleon's forces. Unfortunately, it got out of control and Bilcock had to smash it to pieces.


Bilcock has lightly tanned skin, sandy blond hair, and brown eyes.

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