Brangien (Character)
English Name Brangien
Japanese Name Burangāne (ブランガ-ネ)
Voice Actor Michiko Neya
Gender Female
Age (215) 17
Relationships Doremiditt (Father, deceased)

Vaynard (Relative)

Country Norgard
Original Castle Flogeru
Class Archer
Equipment Heaven Bow
Initial Status
Level 10
HP 448
MP 171
Rune Power 257
Rune Area 5
Strength 68
Intelligence 64
Agility 83
Attack 206
Defense 122
Experience 5001
Next Level 904
"The daughter of the late King Doremiditt. She lost her father in the battle against Almekia. Since women are not qualified to succeed to the throne of the King, she had to give it up to Vaynard, who is one of her relatives. She is not happy with this."

Brangien is a Rune Knight from Norgard.


Brangien is nicknamed the "Goddess of the White Night."


Brangien has long golden hair and icy blue eyes.