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Brigandine: Grand Edition (Japanese: ブリガンダイン グランドエディション) is a remake of Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena that was developed by Hearty Robin and released on 5 May 2000. It had many significant changes, including a multiplayer mode, cutscenes, voice acting, rebalancing of the elements, new Rune Knights and monster classes, the option to play as the Esgares Empire without entering a code, and battles with Bulnoil and the Snake of Chaos.

The game was released only in Japan. There was no official translation to English, but there is an unofficial patch that was released in late 2014 and works with emulated games.


The multiplayer mode allows more than one person to participate in fighting for dominance in Forsena, but without fighting Bulnoil and Ouroboros. In addition of that, the player can set up the starting point of the story up to three points, in which certain kingdoms would be unavailable. The player can also set up existing alliances, such as annulling the alliance between New Almekia and Caerleon which happens in the single player mode, or allowing other countries to ally with them.

First Scenario

Takes place in the same time as the single player mode begins. Aside of the possible modified alliance, another change that can be seen is that Halley can join any nations as long as they are powerful enough. Additionally, with Bulnoil not present in this mode; Cador, MelTorefas and Eniede will not leave Esgares.

Second Scenario

In this second scenario, both New Almekia and Leonia have been defeated from the start:

  • Norgard swiftly dominated Leonia. As the opening narration stated, Vaynard took Lyonesse as his Queen/Empress though it's definite that he didn't do it out of love or lust, more likely as a political move to decrease possible unrest within the Leonia territory. He still lets the Leonian Knights live and fight for another day, recruiting Chantail and Charlene while letting Langueborg join Iscalio and Isfas joining Caerleon.
  • Esgares Empire stomped out New Almekia, taking over all of its territories. However, in the last minute, Caerleon made its move and took over BaydonHill castle, managing to rescue Lance and the only two survivors still loyal to New Almekia; Gereint and Adilicia, and drafted them to their ranks. Unlike the case of Norgard and Leonia, it's implied that Esgares' invasion slew a majority of New Almekian knights, as Batercus and Loufal were not seen in any other countries. However, Carlota survived, but joined Norgard instead of staying with Lance; while Liguel managed to escape and take shelter in Iscalio, where her eldest brother resided. However, even Esgares suffered casualties, as Gereint managed to surpass and slay Esclados before the fall of New Almekia.
  • It's also implied that Norgard was the first to cause damage against Esgares, therefore Schutleis is seen in Norgard's services.
  • Iscalio managed to survive but only made a small advance towards Esgares, taking some of its castles.

Several characters have also leveled up and changed class as a result, although mostly seen in Iscalio:

Third Scenario

In the third scenario, Esgares has been defeated from the start, with Norgard taking over the majority of its former territories, while Caerleon took over what used to be the New Almekia territory. Additionally, Vaynard devised a strategy that split the forces of Iscalio.

Some changes as noted in this scenario:

  • Continuing from the previous scenario, Carlota is still staying in Norgard, despite the territory of New Almekia being reclaimed by Caerleon and Lance. Additionally, with Norgard automatically having Schutleis since the previous scenario, Soleil joins Norgard by default.
  • Former Esgares Knights gained normally by questing, such as Mira, Millet, Shiraha and later Ranguinus, are not affiliated with anyone, and thus any country must quest to get them, but this is not exclusive to Norgard. While Norgard gains Fiel and Ivan by default, Iscalio gains Roecod while Caerleon gains Shred.
  • Noie succumbed to her illness and therefore removed from Norgard's roster.
  • Just like in the normal scenario, Castor reunites with his siblings in Iscalio, and thus Iscalio is the country to have all of the Rand siblings in its service.
  • Between Caerleon and Iscalio, whoever could take a castle from Norgard first will gain the service of Kiloph, seemingly on a grudge against Vaynard for what he did to Lyonesse.

Likewise, several characters received a change in class due to extra experience points:

Despite the great deviations from the single player story, there are no extra story cutscenes or encounters within the Multiplayer mode.


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