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Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena (Japanese: ブリガンダイン ~幻想大陸戦記~) is the name for the North American port of the Japanese strategy RPG Brigandine. Originally developed by Hearty Robin and released on 2 April 1998, the game was ported to North America by Atlus and released on 31 October 1998.

The goal of the game is to win the war in Forsena and unify the continent. There are six playable countries: New Almekia, Caerleon, Norgard, Iscalio, Leonia, and the Esgares Empire (which can only be played by pressing the R1+L2+START button). Each country has its own army of Rune Knights - special individuals who can use mana to summon and control monsters - and a ruler with a unique class.

In 2000, Hearty Robin released a remake of the game called Brigandine: Grand Edition with many new features. The original became available for download via PSN (in Japan only) on 24 December 2008.



Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena / Grand Edition
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