"A small country surrounded by sea, this land contains mystical powers."
-Background from The Legend of Forsena
"A small country surrounded by the sea, the Rune power glows strong here. Ruled by the peaceful and wise king Cai."
-Background from Grand Edition


Caerleon (Japanese: カーレオン) is located in Forsena's southwestern area. It is ruled by the Silent Wise King, King Cai and his sister Princess Merriot. Although it is ruled by a very intelligent king, it suffers from poverty. This country has an abundance of seafood and fruit. The land here is very fertile; it is filled with grasslands and forests. Their flag is colored green.

Initial StatusEdit

  • 5 Castles
  • 8 Knights
  • 23 Monsters
  • 797 Mana (TLoF)
  • 682 Mana (GE)

Starting KnightsEdit

Territory Edit

Country's StrategyEdit

Caerleon is an extremely magic-heavy country - knights like Cierra, Bilcock, BeauArte, and even the ruler are skilled magic users and have high MP. The only dependable melee fighter at first is Dinadan.

If you use Caerleon, ignore New Almekia because you'll break your alliance with them if you attack them. Iscalio's melee-based knights may not seem like much of a threat, but don't underestimate them - they have some pretty strong knights, and if you run out of MP while fighting them, you'll have to rely on your monsters. When facing the Esgares Empire, try to avoid the main forces like Zemeckis, Cador, Esclados, and Gish until most of your knights are at or above Level 15. If you fight against Caerleon, you should either try to run them out of MP and heal as often as necessary or rush their knights and try to defeat them before they can devastate your forces with spells. You don't have to hurry to wipe them out, because Cai and Dinadan are already high in level and their attributes won't rise much. Just beware of Merriot, who may be pretty strong if they've had time to build up.