Centaur BGE
Japanese Name ケンタウロス
Element 1 Green
Rune Cost 35
Move 6-6
Move Type Horse
A Centaur (Japanese: ケンタウロス) is a monster from the Brigandine series. Centaurs can be upgraded to a High Centaur at Level 10.

Overview Edit

Centaurs are creatures that have a human-like upper body and a horse-like lower body. Their main defining features are their long ears, brown fur and black hair. Their main weapon of choice to carry in battle are bows. They have good aim, being able to shoot an enemy two hexes away from them. They are the only monsters that can use a ranged attack after moving. They cost 160 mana to summon.

Status Edit

Status Base Stats Stat Growth (TLoF) Stat Growth (GE)
HP 360 8-12 6-14
MP 0 0 0
Strength 60 0-2 0-2
Intelligence 45 0-1 0-1
Agility 65 1-2 1-2
Attack 180
Defense 100

Attacks Edit

English Name Hunter Shot
Japanese Name ハンターショット
Type Ranged
Range 2 Hexes
Game Description "Attack with bow"
Target Enemies Only
Notes Usable after moving

Location Edit

Castles that can summon Centaurs:

Trivia Edit

  • Dogal joins your army with a Level 1 Centaur named Pinto.

Gallery Edit