Chantail (Character)
English Name Chantail
Japanese Name Shantūru (シャントゥ-ル)
Voice Actor Kohei Kowada
Gender Male
Age (215) 28
Relationships Unnamed son
Country Leonia
Original Castle Hadrian
Class Mage
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 6
HP 337
MP 326
Rune Power 168
Rune Area 4
Strength 46
Intelligence 61
Agility 54
Attack 142
Defense 93
Experience 2155
Next Level 606
"A magician of Leonia who can deal with anything with composure. He loves his baby very much and talks about him all the time, even in front of the Queen. His dream is to make his son the palace magician of Leonia."

Chantail is a Rune Knight from Leonia.


When a country captures Leonia's last castle, Chantail will join that country.


Chantail has light green eyes and long, straight brown hair, some of which is covered by his cap.