Charlene (Character)
English Name Charlene
Japanese Name Shārin (シャ-リン)
Voice Actor Wu Lin Takumi
Gender Female
Age (215) 28
Relationships -
Country Leonia
Original Castle Damas
Class Lancer
Equipment Ice Javelin
Initial Status
Level 12
HP 506
MP 164
Rune Power 226
Rune Area 4
Strength 69
Intelligence 64
Agility 80
Attack 213
Defense 126
Experience 6886
Next Level 1060
"Her father brought her up to be a soldier, since he had no son. She has a very rational personality. Referred to as the "Snow Crystal of Leonia" by the people, she is admired for never letting her personal feelings interfere with her duties."

Charlene is a Rune Knight from Leonia.


When a country captures Leonia's last castle, Charlene will join another country at random.


Charlene has short, off-white hair and icy blue eyes.