Coel (Character)
English Name Coel
Japanese Name Kōru (コ-ル)
Voice Actor Hideaki Esumi
Gender Male
Age (215) 62
Relationships Meleagant (Son)
Country New Almekia
Original Castle Calmary
Class Bishop
Equipment Sacred Amulet
Initial Status
Level 16
HP 498
MP 291
Rune Power 254
Rune Area 5
Strength 62
Intelligence 79
Agility 66
Attack 189
Defense 112
Experience 11620
Next Level 1396
"The King of the Padstow Kingdom. He is loyal to Almekia Kingdom and accepts Lance after the rebellion. His people are very fond of him since he is gentle and humble towards his people."

Coel is a Rune Knight from New Almekia.


Coel was originally the king of Padstow. When Lance fled from Zemeckis during his coup, Coel gave the young prince his throne and Padstow became New Almekia.


Coel has green eyes and gray hair that has receded from the top of his head. He has bushy eyebrows, a horseshoe mustache, and a goatee.

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