Daffy (Character)
English Name Daffy
Japanese Name Daffī (ダ-フィ-)
Voice Actor Naoki Bandō
Gender Male
Age (215) 31
Relationships -
Country Iscalio
Original Castle Letishnote
Class Samurai
Equipment Horned Helm
Initial Status
Level 12
HP 598
MP 91
Rune Power 181
Rune Area 3
Strength 79
Intelligence 52
Agility 67
Attack 233
Defense 127
Experience 6886
Next Level 1060
"Nicknamed the "Wallet with a hole", he is always complaining about how his reward is not enough. It is because of this that makes him look more like a mercenary. However, those who are not careful have been hospitalized."

Daffy is a Rune Knight from Iscalio.


When a country captures Iscalio's last castle, Daffy will join that country.


Daffy has a large nose and brown eyes and hair, including a pencil mustache.