Dinadan (Character)
English Name Dinadan
Japanese Name Dinadan (ディナダン)
Voice Actor Hiroshi Yanaka
Gender Male
Age (215) 27
Relationships -
Country Caerleon
Original Castle Linnuis
Class Paladin (TLoF)

Knight Master (GE)

Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 25
HP 675
MP 204
Rune Power 307
Rune Area 5
Strength 100
Intelligence 69
Agility 90
Attack 280
Defense 140
Experience 29212
Next Level 2413
"The strongest knight in Caerleon and the only Knight Master on the continent. He has a malicious tongue. He doesn't like anything that has to do with the palace. King Cai is the only reason he continues to work in the palace."

Dinadan is a Rune Knight from Caerleon.


Dinadan is Caerleon's Knight Master and strongest knight. He is well trusted by King Cai and Merriot. He also has some very amusing dialogues with the other knights. It is shown in his fight with Esclados that he does not care about his title of the best swordsman in the continent.


Dinadan has brown, shoulder-length hair, dark eyes, and a wide mouth. He is often seen winking his left eye. He wears a red and yellow cape over a lavender uniform with light blue sleeves.

Grand EditionEdit

In Grand Edition, Dinadan has a special class called Knight Master. It changes him in the following ways:

  • His elements are different.
  • His movement type changes from Armored to Land.
  • He loses Holy Word and gains Thunder.
  • He gains Parry (25% chance to reduce melee attack damage by 2/3) and Cutting Away (50% chance to nullify arrow attacks).
  • He can use the same kinds of equipment as the rulers.