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Dinadan (ディナダン Dinadan?) is a Rune Knight from Caerleon.



Dinadan has brown, shoulder-length hair, dark eyes, and a wide mouth. He is often seen winking his left eye. He wears a red and yellow cape over a lavender uniform with light blue sleeves.


Dinadan is Caerleon's Knight Master and strongest knight. He is well trusted by King Cai and Merriot. He also has some very amusing dialogues with the other knights. It is shown in his fight with Esclados that he does not care about his title of the best swordsman in the continent.


The strongest knight in Caerleon and the only Knight Master on the continent. He has a malicious tongue. He doesn't like anything that has to do with the palace. King Cai is the only reason he continues to work in the palace.


Grand Edition

In Grand Edition, Dinadan has a special class called Knight Master. It changes him in the following ways:

  • His elements are different.
  • His movement type changes from Armored to Land.
  • He loses Holy Word and gains Thunder.
  • He gains Parry (25% chance to reduce melee attack damage by 2/3) and Cutting Away (50% chance to nullify arrow attacks).
  • He can use the same kinds of equipment as the rulers.


Battle Quotes

Battle Events

Vs. Vaynard

Character Dialogue
BLoF Vaynard Portrait.png
Blade Master Dinadan. I rather not fight you, I respect you. Come with me to Norgard and help me shape Forsena's future. ND
BLoF Dinadan Portrait.png
Here's an idea, why don't you join Caerleon? CN
BLoF Vaynard Portrait.png
Ha, an interesting joke. What is your answer? ND
BLoF Dinadan Portrait.png
No. For one, I don't like your arrogant attitude. Furthermore, I doubt you really need me. You just want to be stronger than anyone else, so you try to get the strongest people under your thumb. I can't ally with someone like that. CN
BLoF Vaynard Portrait.png
I see....But I sense there is more to the story. Your distrust of me is not the only reason. Is the Wise King so appealing? ND
BLoF Dinadan Portrait.png
Heh, you're pretty calm. I was trying to get you irritated. Okay, I'll tell you the real reason I'm so attached to Cai. As far as ability, you and Cai are pretty much equal. The difference is in how you think. If you had two starving children and only one piece of bread, you could choose without hesitation.... Decide who lives, who dies. That's the difference. He suffers over decisions like that. He's no fool. He knows the best decision, but he'll still worry about it right till end. When you see how much he cares about decisions like that, there's no way you could betray him. CN
BLoF Vaynard Portrait.png
Hmmm... I enjoy talking to this Wise King away from the battlefield... But it seems we must fulfill our duty first. Prepare yourself Blade Master. ND



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