Dryst (Character)
English Name Dryst
Japanese Name Dorisuto (ドリスト)
Voice Actor Kōji Ishii
Gender Male
Age (215) 28
Relationships -
Country Iscalio
Original Castle Caelsent
Class Tyrant
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 21
HP 652
MP 202
Rune Power 322
Rune Area 5
Strength 91
Intelligence 65
Agility 89
Attack 262
Defense 136
Experience 20650
Next Level 1981
"Known as the "Mad King of Iscalio", he is selfish, self-righteous, and far from being respectful or virtuous. However, he is extremely powerful. His actions cannot be explained with logic as he is a man who does as he pleases."

Dryst is the ruler of Iscalio.


Dryst is reckless, impulsive, and prone to abusing Ulster when he tries to make reasonable suggestions. Iscalio is usually in debt because he spends his funds for his own pleasure. He is also prone to drinking during the day. He is also very disdainful of religion, as indicated by his dialogue with Paternus if they meet in battle. According to his dialogue with MelTorefas, he admires those who are strong, but he doesn't like those who are too serious about becoming stronger.

Upon reaching Level 30, Dryst can change his class to Super Tyrant.


Dryst is a tall, slender man with red hair, light green eyes, and sharp features. He dresses in bright and garish clothing, including a lavish purple hat, a purple and green cape, loose-fitting yellow pants, and a white neck ruff. He wears red and yellow armor and uses a scythe in battle. The feathers from his hat come from cannibal birds which are located in the Valley of Death. He usually sends Iria there to collect feathers for his hat. Hula is usually the one who changes the feathers in his hat.

Grand EditionEdit

In Grand Edition, Dryst gains a 10% bonus to his critical hit rate.