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Dyzenys is an unaffliated Rune Knight.


Conditions for recruitment:

  • Cannot be in the same nation as Tomas
  • ...


Many deem this wandering sword fanatic too dangerous to keep in their employ. His only interest in life is honing his skills by feeding enemy blood to his blade. No amount of begging will convince this cruel man to show mercy. To him, no trick is too dirty, and he willingly takes part in assassinations and joy killings. Since he views war as just a device to smoke out the best warriors of the land, he would rather align himself with weaker countries so as to have a better chance to face and destroy famous knights.


Battle Quotes

BLoR Dyzenys Portrait.png
Battle Quote Context
Victory is all but guaranteed for the side I fight on! You just wait and see! Battle Start
What does it feel like to lose? How I wish I could taste defeat for just once in my life. Hehehe. Victory
Heh, they're better than I expected, I'll give them that. We should retreat for now. Retreat
How dare you... Defeat
What...?! I lost...?! Defeat

Battle Events

Vs. Tomas

Character Dialogue
BLoR Tomas Portrait.png
Dyzenys...! This is for my father!
BLoR Dyzenys Portrait.png
I can feel it... I can feel the rage emanating from your blade... It speaks to me...
BLoR Tomas Portrait.png
It is not just rage. restitution. It is time for you to pay for all the blood you have spilled!
BLoR Dyzenys Portrait.png
Ha! You think you can defeat me with such flimsy resolve? Don't make me laugh. Those who search for reason in power are destined for defeat. You will be erased from the pages of history and forgotten.
BLoR Tomas Portrait.png
It matters not whether you or someone else were to cut me down! So long as you fall first, then I can leave this world without any regrets!
BLoR Dyzenys Portrait.png
Heh heh... I see... Very well. Go ahead and try it, then. I shall bathe my blade in your blood today!
BLoR Tomas Portrait.png
Father... I am afraid I must go against your teachings this day. But I do this for you!



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