Elaine (Character)
English Name Elaine
Japanese Name Eraine (エライネ)
Voice Actor Sachiko Kojima
Gender Female
Age (215) 16
Relationships Roadbull (Father)
Country Norgard
Original Castle Listinoise
Class Enchantress
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 1
HP 290
MP 351
Rune Power 151
Rune Area 3
Strength 42
Intelligence 62
Agility 59
Attack 134
Defense 94
Experience 0
Next Level 321
"A beloved daughter of Roadbull. She respects her father and decided to take on the same job. The way she defends Vaynard may be reflected by her feelings for him. She took her mental strength after her father, and expresses herself clearly."

Elaine is a Rune Knight from Norgard.


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Elaine has large green eyes and long brown hair.