Eniede (Character)
English Name Eniede
Japanese Name Enīde (エニーデ)
Voice Actor Tomoko Kawakami
Gender Female
Age (215) 19
Relationships -
Country Esgares
Original Castle Orkney
Class Archer
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 11
HP 491
MP 149
Rune Power 192
Rune Area 4
Strength 69
Intelligence 56
Agility 78
Attack 208
Defense 121
Experience 5905
Next Level 981
"A daughter of a Knight who was forced to leave the country by Zemeckis in the Almekian era. She became a Knight for the Empire without revealing her true self. Revenge may be the reason why she is working for the Empire."

Eniede is a Rune Knight from the Esgares Empire.


In Brigandine: Grand Edition, Eniede will leave Esgares along with MelTorefas once they have captured 22 castles. She reappears as Olwen the Death Sniper in the battle with Bulnoil.

Eniede is a knight serving under the Empire. She mainly uses a bow as her weapon of choice in battle. She spends most of her mornings in the training grounds to become more powerful. Her purpose in life to avenge her late father by killing Zemeckis, the person who exiled her father from Almekia during the time of King Henguist's rule. She believed that her father was an honorable Almekian Knight who was unjustly stripped from his position.

During one of her early morning training sessions, she meets MelTorefas in the training grounds. At first, she wasn't very fond of him and she only saw him as Cador's lapdog. However, after a few days, they were able to warm up to each other after she opens up to him about her father, and why she was training to become more powerful. After that day, they spent their mornings together in the training grounds.

After some time has passed, she decides to make an attempt on Zemeckis' life one evening. After she entered Logres' Throne Room, she saw MelTorefas defending Zemeckis. MelTorefas tried to stop her from assassinating Zemeckis but she shot his arm and injures him in the process. Suddenly, Cador attacks her from behind and deals a fatal blow to her. After she was injured, Zemeckis tells her his side of the story and why he banished her father from Almekia. It was revealed that her father was a spy who worked for Norgard. He then states that the death of one woman means nothing to him, but he will remember hers. She then dies from blood loss from the wound inflicted by Cador in Logres' Throne Room.


Eniede has coppery eyes and long, sandy blonde hair that she keeps tied with a purple ribbon.

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