Esmeree (Character)
English Name Esmeree
Japanese Name Esumerē (エスメレー)
Voice Actor Yuri Amano
Gender Female
Age (215) 24
Relationships Vaynard (Brother)

Zemeckis (Husband)

Country Esgares
Original Castle Logres
Class Lector
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 17
HP 506
MP 353
Rune Power 304
Rune Area 5
Strength 56
Intelligence 83
Agility 73
Attack 177
Defense 114
Experience 13016
Next Level 1485
"The older sister of the King of Norgard and the wife of the Emperor of Esgares. She was sent to Almekia as a hostage under the rule of the late King of Norgard and became the wife of Zemeckis who at that time was the commander of the Kingdom Army."

Esmeree is a Rune Knight from the Esgares Empire.


Esmeree is the sister of Vaynard and the wife of Emperor Zemeckis. Her loyalty to her husband causes tension with her brother, who would like to see her leave Zemeckis and return to her homeland of Norgard.


Esmeree has reddish-brown eyes and keeps her hair and most of her head covered by a white wimple. Her design suggests that she is the visualization of the Lector class.

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