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In-game tactical map from The Legend of Forsena, displaying each country's initial territory

Forsena is the continent on which the events of Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena and Brigandine: Grand Edition take place. It is a land replete with mana, which special individuals known as Rune Knights use to summon monsters that they can control in battle.

Forsena is divided into six countries, which begin the game at war with each other (with the exception of Caerleon and New Almekia, which are allied and will not attack each other when controlled by the AI). Each country has the same goal: to unify the continent under its own banner.

  • Caerleon - Located in the southwest of the continent. Ruled by King Cai.
  • Esgares Empire - Formerly the kingdom of Almekia. Located in the center of the continent. Ruled by Emperor Zemeckis.
  • Iscalio - Located in the southeast of the continent. Ruled by King Dryst.
  • Leonia - Located in the east of the continent. Ruled by Queen Lyonesse.
  • New Almekia - Formerly the kingdom of Padstow. Located in the west of the continent. Ruled by Prince Lance.
  • Norgard - Located in the north of the continent. Ruled by Lord Vaynard.