Gereint (Character)
English Name Gereint
Japanese Name Gerainto (ゲライント)
Voice Actor Yutaka Nakano
Gender Male
Age (215) 31
Relationships Esclados (Mentor)

Ivan (Friend)

Country New Almekia
Original Castle Calmary
Class Samurai
Equipment Tora
Initial Status
Level 19
HP 651
MP 132
Rune Power 284
Rune Area 5
Strength 90
Intelligence 64
Agility 82
Attack 255
Defense 127
Experience 16077
Next Level 1669
"Has fought over 100 battles and is famous for his experience. A little unmannerly, his loyalty to Prince Lance is steadfast. He finds his duty in protecting the Prince and to reinstate Almekia."

Gereint is a Rune Knight from New Almekia.



Gereint has stern features, steely eyes, and short, dark brown hair along with a beard and mustache.

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