Gish (Character)
English Name Gish
Japanese Name Gisshu (ギッシュ)
Voice Actor Keiji Fujiwara
Gender Male
Age (215) 26
Relationships -
Country Esgares
Original Castle Orkney
Class Wizard
Equipment Dark Robe
Initial Status
Level 20
HP 468
MP 445
Rune Power 232
Rune Area 3
Strength 56
Intelligence 91
Agility 74
Attack 172
Defense 109
Experience 19152
Next Level 1898
"One of the 4 leaders of the Empire. He used to be the palace magician of Almekia, and often gave advice to the late King. However, ever since the rebellion, he has been supporting Zemeckis as if he was a totally different person."

Gish is a Rune Knight from the Esgares Empire.



Gish has yellow eyes and long, wild blue hair.