Halley (Character)
English Name Halley
Japanese Name Harē (ハレー)
Voice Actor Atsuko Tanaka
Gender Female
Age (215) 25
Relationships Cador (Former fiancé)
Country New Almekia
Original Castle N/A
Class Valkyrie
Equipment Brionac
Initial Status
Level 21
HP 603
MP 221
Rune Power 292
Rune Area 4
Strength 88
Intelligence 71
Agility 95
Attack 261
Defense 136
Next Level
"A female Knight, who has a sad look in her eyes. She is called the "Shooting Star Halley" for her beautiful, yet fierce way of fighting. She searches around the continent for Bulnoil, the magician who killed Leland, the only man she ever loved."

Halley is a Rune Knight from New Almekia.


Halley will appear and join New Almekia when they control at least 14 castles and leave when they control at least 26 castles. In Brigandine: Grand Edition, she will reappear near the end of the game to explain Bulnoil's plans to release the Snake of Chaos and do what she can to stop him.


Halley has fair skin, pale eyes, and long, straight black hair.