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"He is the thirteenth Emperor of the Holy Gustava Empire. Their land is barren and ridiculed by their neighbors, and they have no Brigandine. Nevertheless, the empire survived through strong family ties and the spirit of rebellion, which Tim calls the beautiful blood of the family. Tim aims to conquer Runersia to vindicate the name and blood of his family."

A long time ago, in a poor and desolate northern area deprived of the blessings of Mana, Asid Gustav led a group of wanderers displaced by other countries, forming a nation now governed by the Gustav clan that inherited his will.

The country’s locality, history, and lack of Brigandine was the source of much scorn from other countries, but the Gustav clan unified itself through the worship of their hero Sin Gustav and the Zoar religion, building itself up into a mighty empire.

Initial Status

  • 6 Castles
  • 11 Knights
  • 35 Monsters
  • 1007 Mana

Rune Knights

Tim and the Knights of the Holy Gustava Empire.

Rune Knight Class Level
Tim Gustav (Ruler) Kaiser 18
Sin Gustav ***** Hero of Old 20
Hazarov Berserker 18
Coco Healer 15
Ginger Gustav Sorceress 12
Alsin Champion 21
Jazz **** Rogue 13
Scymerius Temple Knight 13
Iyona Minstrel 12
Slyvie * Hunter 9
Ivan Knight 13
Noll ** Ranger 12
Gaspar Grappler 10
Finrall Bishop 10
Rensei *** Swordsman 18

* joins in 781 2/24.
** joins in 781 5/24.
*** joins in 781 10/24.
**** joins after 18 castles.
***** joins after Tim upgrades to Grand Kaiser


Castle Mana
Dreug (Capital) 451
Zagust 175
Belfaram 270
Greensglade 251
Garwellin 187
Warren 223

Country's Strategy


Starts with 6 total bases, 3 of which are front line bases Although it occupies a massive territory to the north, each base yields very little mana income. There are three front line bases, two of which are connected to multiple enemy bases.

Recruit knights through quests and choose an invasion route that allows you to boost your strength as you go.

Most knights here are built for offense, like country ruler Tim and Champion Alsin. Bear in mind, however, that this nation starts out with fewer knights than the others.

That said, knights and monsters here are well-equipped and considered top-class on the continent. Unlike ruler of other countries, Tim does not have a Brigandine, though that’s not the only thing that sets them apart from the rest. Intermediate players looking for a challenge may want to choose this country.