Hula (Character)
English Name Hula
Japanese Name Yūra (ユ-ラ)
Voice Actor Kanako Mitsuhashi
Gender Female
Age (215) 15
Relationships -
Country Iscalio
Original Castle Caelsent
Class Cleric
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 1
HP 336
MP 239
Rune Power 175
Rune Area 3
Strength 48
Intelligence 60
Agility 57
Attack 156
Defense 104
Experience 0
Next Level 301
"She is a Knight of Iscalio, but acts like a maid to King Dryst. Pure and honest, but a little naive, she completely trusts King Dryst. The people are nervous because she is defenseless around him."

Hula is a Rune Knight from Iscalio.


Hula is a kind and caring young girl. Unlike the other Knights in Iscalio, she thinks that King Dryst is a kind man. She is in charge of changing the feathers in Dryst's hat. She celebrates her birthday during Month 11, but she is not sure when her actual birthday is.

Three years before the war, she lived in an orphanage and she did know that she had the power of the Rune. Dryst then adopted her and made her work as a Rune Knight. The day that Dryst adopted her, he gave her a heavy sword. He then looked at her and said “You have earned your freedom to decide whether to live or die on your own. You have to protect yourself from now on.” Regardless of that, according to her, Dryst has been protecting her ever since that day. This is the reason why she thinks Dryst is very kind despite how he treats his people.

At Year 215 Month 11, Teath decides to give her a necklace made of seashells for her birthday present. She is very thankful for the present, but she tells him that she is not sure when her real birthday is. She tells him about her past and why she admires King Dryst. She thanks him for the present and for listening to her story. She then leaves because she had an important meeting with Dryst.

Have Teath and Hula in the same castle during Year 215 Month 11 for some interesting dialogue.


Hula has freckles, light green eyes, and long orange hair that she wears in a braid. She also wears a green and white handband.