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Hydra (Japanese: ヒュドラ) is a monster from the Brigandine series. Hydra can be upgraded from Sea Serpent using Serpentine Gem.



A sea serpent's new form following a class change. Infused with the power of a Serpentine Gem, it is the most fearsome creature to ever roam the seas. All their attributes have been upgraded, including a longer range for their breath attack. Boosting one of the highest attack powers among blue type units, they make a great vanguard for breaking through enemy ranks. However, beware of the increased damage from green type foes.


Skill Power Accuracy Element Range Ground/Sky Counter MP
Penta-Bite 135 +27 blue 1 ↑/↓ 0
Tidal Breath ×MOVE 90 - blueblueblue 1~5 ☆/☆ × 50
Tidal Storm ×MOVE 190 - blueblueblue 1~2 ☆/☆ × 70

Penta-Bite - Normal attack. Deals major damage to a single adjacent enemy unit.
Tidal Breath - Deals minor damage to all units in a 5-hex straight line. Never misses.
Tidal Storm - When on water, deals massive damage to all units within a 2-hex radius. Never misses. Has a 20% chance of inflicting Faint.


Water HP Recover S - Recovers 15% of max HP at the beginning of every turn while on Water terrain



Hydras are gigantic five-headed aquatic creatures with blue scales and yellow eyes. They have the highest base strength and base attack among the basic monsters in the game. They are at their strongest when they are battling at sea since they can move around very quickly and easily recover their HP every turn. They are unable to move around as freely on land. They are mostly used to guard castles because of this. Their mouths can spray a deadly icy breath that damages everything in front of it. Their attacks do extra damage to beings with the Red Element, unfortunately they are not very accurate. In Grand Edition, they lose the ability to recover their HP every turn on water. They cost 460 mana to summon.


Status Base Stats Stat Growth (TLoF) Stat Growth (GE)
HP 670 4-8 2-10
MP 110 2-4 0-6
Strength 100 1-2 1-2
Intelligence 30 0-1 0-1
Agility 35 0-2 0-2
Attack 250
Defense 110


Attack Name Attack Type Range MP Game Description Target
Freezing Spiral Melee 1 Hex - "Five-headed attack" Enemies Only
Ice Breath Beam 4 Hexes 45 "Discharge freezing gas. Damages all in range" Allies and Enemies


Skills Game Description
Aqua Recovery 5% (TLoF only) "Recovers 5% of HP in water"


Castles that can summon Hydras:



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