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Iscalio GE.png
"A beautiful country abundant in nature. Unfortunately, the people suffer in this land."
-Background from The Legend of Forsena
"A beautiful land of natural wonders, but under the Mad Tyrant Dryst, its people face a dark future indeed."
-Background from Grand Edition


Iscalio (Japanese: イスカリオ) is located in Forsena's southeastern area. It is a rich country but the current king never thinks about prospering his people. The land here is very fertile; it is filled with grasslands and forests. The area is also very mountainous. Their flag is colored yellow.

Initial Status

  • 6 Castles
  • 12 Knights
  • 33 Monsters
  • 797 Mana

Rune Knights

Rune Knight Class Level
Dryst(Ruler) Tyrant 21
Iria Killer Doll 20
Camden Druid 14
Ulster Bishop 12
Bagdemagus Berserker 16
Gallo Ranger 9
Victoria Enchantress 11
Hula Cleric 1
Lucia Scout 8
Teath Fighter 2
Daffy Samurai 12
Miguel Cavalier 10


Country's Strategy

In contrast to their neighbors, Caerleon and Leonia, Iscalio is a country that is very heavy in melee knights. They are quite powerful from the beginning, but they may have problems later in the game if the other countries manage to build up their power. Dryst and Iria are highly capable of defending against the Esgares Empire's knights, while the others can hold off Leonia and Caerleon. However, since their knights are mainly black elemental, fighting Leonia can be very painful, and their melee knights may end up as dummies on Caerleon's magic range if they fight too recklessly.

A swift and strong offensive is necessary for Iscalio to conquer Forsena, because unlike the knights of Leonia and New Almekia, Iscalio's high-level knights aren't going to improve greatly and will need to attack before the other countries can catch up to them. When fighting against Iscalio, either wipe them out early or try to contain them at Lothian and finish them off later.

Since many of Iscalio's Rune Knights do not have much room for improvement (such as Bagdemagus), the knights should be utilized to help focus on leveling up monsters. Dryst and Camden both start with power and weakness, which are great spells to give weaker creatures the punch they need to finish off tougher enemies. By the time other countries are beginning to upgrade their knights, Iscalio's monsters should be able to hold their own.