Isfas (Character)
English Name Isfas
Japanese Name Isufasu (イスファス)
Voice Actor Kiyoyuki Yanada
Gender Male
Age (215) 27
Relationships Kiloph (Friend)
Country Leonia
Original Castle Damas
Class Monk
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 16
HP 557
MP 266
Rune Power 233
Rune Area 4
Strength 76
Intelligence 74
Agility 70
Attack 222
Defense 118
Experience 11620
Next Level 1396
"A smiling giant with a gentle heart who works under Cardinal Paternus. His hobby is gardening and is often seen feeding birds. Isfas acts like a big brother to Kiloph and would put his own life on the line for the Queen."

Isfas is a Rune Knight from Leonia.


When a country captures Leonia's last castle, Isfas will join another country at random.


Isfas has light green eyes and brown hair. He often wears a gold circlet.