Items are objects that are acquired throughout your journey in Forsena. Some Rune Knights start out with an item. They are mainly gotten through quests. Items are divided into 3 groups: Potions, Upgrade Items, and Equipment.

Potions Edit


Potions permanently increase the attributes of your units. Some potions can only be used on Rune Knights.

English Name Japanese Name Game Description
Power Potion 力の秘薬 "Increases STR by 3 points"
Wisdom Potion 理知の秘薬 "Increases INT by 3 points"
Speed Potion 速さの秘薬 "Increases AGI by 3 points"
Life Potion 生命の秘薬 "Increases HP by approx 18 points"
Magic Potion 魔力の秘薬 "Increases MP by approx 14 points"
Rune Potion 统魔の秘薬 "Increases RunePow by approx 10 points (Knights only)"
Rune-A Potion 思域の秘薬 "Increases RuneArea by 1 HEX (Knights only)"

Upgrade Items Edit

Upgrade Items can upgrade the class of some monsters to make them stronger. The Gold Crown and Missing Link are added in Brigandine: Grand Edition.

English Name Japanese Name Game Description
Fruit of Vice 禁断の果実 "Change Seraph to Lucifer"
Liquor of Charm 誘惑の美酒 "Change Satan to Lilith"
Wisdom Seed 知恵の種 "Change Gigas to Loki"
Rage Lightning 怒りの雷 "Change Titan to Thor"
Gold Crown 黄金の冠 "Change Lizard Guard to Lizard King"
Missing Link ミッシングリンク "Change class regardless of level (Monsters only)"

Equipment Edit

Equipment adds attributes or special skills that make your units stronger as long as it is equipped. In The Legend of Forsena, Rune Knights can only equip one weapon or accessory. In Grand Edition, Rune Knights can equip one weapon and one accessory. Monsters can now also use equipment.

Types of Equipment Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Each country starts with a different type of potion. Caerleon starts with a Magic Potion, New Almekia starts with a Life Potion, Leonia starts with a Wisdom Potion, Iscalio starts with a Speed Potion, and Norgard starts with a Power Potion. Esgares starts the game with no potions.