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English Name Janfadar/Janfader
Japanese Name Janfadā (ジャンファダ-)
Voice Actor Shinpachi Tsuji
Gender Male
Age (215) 41
Relationships -
Country Caerleon
Original Castle Kail
Class Druid
Equipment Ancient Book
Initial Status
Level 12
HP 376
MP 359
Rune Power 198
Rune Area 3
Strength 48
Intelligence 78
Agility 61
Attack 151
Defense 100
Experience 7106
Next Level 1080
"A magician who has devoted his entire life to perfect the art of magic. Due to the time he spends on his research, he has distinguished himself as the most knowledgeable magician in Caerleon."

Janfadar is a Rune Knight from Caerleon.


When a country captures Caerleon's last castle, Janfadar will join that country.

Janfadar is a devoted magician who serves Caerleon. He spends a lot of time researching about magic. He is very power hungry and he is willing to give his life learn the truth of magic. He acknowledges Gish as a very strong magician and wants to obtain his magic powers.

His name sometimes appears as "Janfader" in game dialogue.


Janfadar has very fair skin, brown eyes, and a short brown beard and mustache. Most of his head is covered by a black hood.


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