Kirkmond (Character)
English Name Kirkmond
Japanese Name Kākumondo (カ-クモンド)
Voice Actor Shigeru Ushiyama
Gender Male
Age (215) 34
Relationships -
Country Norgard
Original Castle Humber
Class Sorcerer
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 12
HP 384
MP 357
Rune Power 191
Rune Area 3
Strength 51
Intelligence 76
Agility 66
Attack 157
Defense 102
Experience 716
Next Level 1080
"Kirkmond acts as a mediator between King Vaynard and the old ministers, since the death of King Doremiditt. He is adept at directing soldiers on the battlefield and is often given many responsibilities on a strategic level."

Kirkmond is a Rune Knight from Norgard.


When a country captures Norgard's last castle, Kirkmond will join that country.


Kirkmond has fair skin and brown hair and eyes.