Lance 2
English Name Lance
Japanese Name Ransu (ランス)
Voice Actor Sōichirō Hoshi
Gender Male
Age (215) 14
Relationships Henguist (Father, deceased)

Irvin (Friend)

Country New Almekia
Original Castle Calmary
Class Prince
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 1
HP 446
MP 161
Rune Power 220
Rune Area 5
Strength 64
Intelligence 63
Agility 65
Attack 203
Defense 121
Experience 0
Next Level 301
"The former Prince of Almekia, which was overthrown by Zemeckis. A young man who is reckless, but kind. His gallant figure reminds one of a fresh wind. After the coup, Lance fled to Padstow. He vows to unite the continent once again."

Lance is the ruler of New Almekia.


Lance was the prince of the kingdom of Almekia and was poised to inherent the throne until Zemeckis staged his coup. As his kingdom was reorganized into the Esgares Empire, he fled west and took refuge in the kingdom of Padstow to avoid suffering the same fate as his father. King Coel, the elderly ruler of Padstow, saw Lance as an inspiring young man who could lead the people through difficult times, so he abdicated and allowed Lance to take the throne. Padstow became New Almekia, and Lance resolved to avenge his father's death and reclaim his birthright.

After capturing Logres and defeating the Esgares Empire, Lance can change his class to King.


Lance is a young man with green eyes and shoulder-length blond hair. He wears golden armor and a purple and red cape and fights with two swords.

Grand EditionEdit

In Grand Edition, Lance loses Flame and gains Thunder, and gains Geno-Thunder and a defense boost when he becomes King.

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