"A religious country surrounded by natural barriers."
-Background from The Legend of Forsena
"A pious land nestled in alpine heights, bravely led by the oracle Queen Lyonesse. She seeks to fulfill her country's destiny."
-Background from Grand Edition


Leonia (Japanese: レオニア) is located in the east of Forsena. The land is led by Queen Lyonesse. The land here is very fertile, filled with grasslands and forests. The whole country is protected by a large mountain range that extends from Castle Damas to Castle Hadrian. Their flag is colored aquamarine.

Initial StatusEdit

  • 6 Castles
  • 11 Knights
  • 26 Monsters
  • 797 Mana (TLoF)
  • 591 Mana (GE)

Starting KnightsEdit

Territory Edit

Country's StrategyEdit

Leonia, like Caerleon, is a magic-based country, though they rely less on offensive magic and more on support and recovery magic. While their healing ability and the mountains that surround their territory make them a powerful defensive country, it can be difficult - but by no means impossible - to conquer the continent with them.

When using Leonia, you should initially focus on attacking Iscalio, whose knights will be easy prey for your white elemental knights and give them a chance to gain some levels. Attack Norgard only when their castles are lightly guarded, because their powerful knights can give Leonia a hard time. You may also want to convert some of your healers to Mages and Enchantresses in order to gain an offensive edge. With successful training, Leonia may even surpass Caerleon's magic ability and will almost never have to worry about running out of MP in battle. Conversely, you should try to eliminate Leonia swiftly when fighting them - if you don't, knights like Lyonesse and Kiloph will become very powerful, and Leonia's abundance of healing magic will make for some long and difficult battles.