Lucia (Character)
English Name Lucia
Japanese Name Ryushia (リュシア)
Voice Actor Keiko Nomura (奈村 桂子)
Gender Female
Age (215) 20
Relationships -
Country Iscalio
Original Castle Asten
Class Scout
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 8
HP 443
MP 140
Rune Power 165
Rune Area 4
Strength 63
Intelligence 53
Agility 73
Attack 191
Defense 114
Experience 3290
Next Level 714
"One of the few Knights who has common sense in the Iscalio Palace, where the most people are rather weird. She used to have a bright personality and was always smiling. However, she hasn't smiled ever since the "Incident" that occurred several years ago."
"One of the few Knights who has common sense in the Iscalio Palace, where the most people are rather weird. She returned to her cheerful ways after confessing to the boy about the incident. She still visits him occasionally."

Lucia is a Rune Knight from Iscalio.


Lucia is an experienced archer who has been riddled with guilt for the past several years. Compared to the other Knights of Iscalio, she is very normal and down-to-earth. One of her reasons for working as a Rune Knight is to help pay the medical bills of the boy she injured.

Several years ago in the mountains, she accidentally shot a little boy in the leg using her bow and arrow. The boy became paralyzed and bedridden because of this. After this incident, she began visiting the house of the little boy monthly. During these visits, she would occasionally tell stories to the boy while he was bedridden, usually about the different Knights of Iscalio. She also gives the money she earned to the boy's father to help pay for the boy's monthly medical bills. The father does not know that she was the one who injured his son and he hopes that the one that shot the boy will be found soon.

A few months after the war started, she went on one of her usual visits to the little boy. During this visit, the boy showed that he was finally able to walk again. He had been secretly practicing being able to walk so that he can bring back the smile on Lucia's face. After he showed her he can walk, Lucia decided to confess that she was the one who shot him in the leg. The boy stated that he knew it was her all along, but he didn't care because they would not have been able to become friends if it wasn't for that incident. The boy then stated that he hopes to fully recover so that he can become a Knight and fight alongside her. She then went back to the way she was since she was no longer riddled with guilt. Even though the boy was able to recover, she still visits him occasionally.

She can be sent on two quests, Lucia's Quest and Lucia's Quest 2. After completing the second quest, she will receive +5 STR, AGI, and INT and +20 Rune Power, and her background will change.


Lucia has purple eyes and orange hair, some of which is hidden under her plumed hat.