Lyonesse (Character)
English Name Lyonesse
Japanese Name Raionīzu (ライオニーズ)
Voice Actor Yuri Shiratori
Gender Female
Age (215) 17
Relationships Kiloph (Friend)
Country Leonia
Original Castle Tallas
Class Queen
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 3
HP 358
MP 362
Rune Power 262
Rune Area 5
Strength 33
Intelligence 81
Agility 58
Attack 181
Defense 109
Experience 661
Next Level 421
"The Queen of Leonia, a sacred country. She used to be an ordinary village girl, but was chosen to become the Queen by the prophecy. Everyone is moved by the way she strives to fulfill her duty as Queen. Kiloph has been her close friend since childhood."

Lyonesse is the ruler of Leonia.


In accordance with the prophecy, Lyonesse was chosen by an oracle to become Leonia's queen. She is a very caring and thoughtful ruler who wants above all else for her people to be able to live in peace. She can be very timid and full of self-doubt, but Kiloph, Asmit, and Paternus provide her with much-needed support. If her country defeats the Esgares Empire, she earns the respect of Zemeckis when she tries to treat his wounds.


Lyonesse is a young woman with brown hair and large, light brown eyes. She wears a conservative white gown, a blue dress and miter, and a pale yellow shoulder cape. She carries a green orb that she can use to attack enemies with beams of light.

Grand EditionEdit

In Grand Edition, Lyonesse loses Charm.

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