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"He is the legitimate son of Romanov, the Holy Sovereign of the Mana Saleesia Theocracy. Long ago, the Mana Stone Thirty Years War between the Republic of Guimoule's Mohana Sect and the Theocracy's Zai Sect created a deep rift in the Rune Faith. Rudo now dons the Brigandine of Sanctity in order to bring all of Runersia under the rule of the Zai Sect."

The foremost country of the continent containing the special zone Zai which is said to be the “Mana Spring” that birthed the five Mana Stones. Self-proclaimed true followers of the Rune God, the country calls its Brigandine the Brigandine of Sanctity.

Holy See Romanov worked towards reconciling Guimoule’s Mohana sect and Mana Saleesia’s Zai sect, but the two countries with vastly different faiths and histories stopped short of reaching a compromise, leading the continent into a new era of war and turmoil.

Initial Status

  • 10 Castles
  • 14 Knights
  • 49 Monsters
  • 1202 Mana

Rune Knights

Rudo and the Knights of the Mana Saleesia Theocracy.

Rune Knight Class Level
Rudo Marco (Ruler) Hierophant 24
Selena Sorceress 13
Gilliam Cardinal 20
Kyle Paladin 21
Emma Temple Knight 10
Veyta * Mage 5
Aisha Cleric 8
Titania Healer 12
Katri Archer 11
Monica Minstrel 11
Jaden ** Bishop 15
Avril Swordsman 14
Largo Grappler 14
Allen Fighter 6
Frederico Sorcerer 15
Cyrus Monk 9
Romanov ***

* joins in 781 2/24
** joins in 781 5/24
*** Available in Challenge Mode after fulfilling SS achievement


Castle Mana
Zai (Capital) 569
Sedestoria 219
Saladiel 293
Vestillis 211
Anthelnia 204
Norbass 228
Galest 234
Naridge 333
Alternia 230
Ragrunt 305

Country's Strategy


Starts with 10 total bases, 5 of which are front line bases. The largest country on the continent with 10 bases that possess quite a large amount of mana. However, it has five front line bases, making it the most difficult country to start with among the six.

Ruler Rudo is a top-class combatant, and he’s supported by other strong knights like Paladin Kyle. However, one should not be too tricked with his aide Gilliam; despite his high levels, he didn't have much strength compared to his compatriots or stats that match his level, so only use him sparingly to assist the lower level knights that will surpass him.

As there are many front line bases, you need many defending troops, making it hard to send knights on quests.

Figuring out how to attack and defend with sparse forces will test the expert player’s competence.