MelTorefas (Character)
English Name MelTorefas
Japanese Name Merutorefasu (メルトレファス)
Voice Actor Hiroki Takahashi
Gender Male
Age (215) 19
Relationships Cador (Idol)
Country Esgares
Original Castle Lidney
Class Fighter
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 7
HP 503
MP 112
Rune Power 152
Rune Area 4
Strength 69
Intelligence 51
Agility 65
Attack 203
Defense 116
Experience 2641
Next Level 649
"He fights to be recognized for his power by the others. He worships Cador and became his follower. He believes that power is the key to everything."

MelTorefas is a Rune Knight from the Esgares Empire.


In Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena, when a country captures the Esgares Empire's last castle, MelTorefas will join another country at random.

In Brigandine: Grand Edition, MelTorefas will leave Esgares along with Eniede once they have captured 22 castles. He reappears as Gaheris the Death Warrior in the battle with Bulnoil.

MelTorefas is a knight serving under Cador. He is very short-tempered but he is also kind and caring. He prefers settling his issues by force. He mainly uses a sword as his weapon of choice in battle, although he may also be experienced in using tridents as well. He spends most of his mornings in the training grounds to become more powerful.

During one of his early morning training sessions, he meets Eniede in the training grounds. At first, he wasn't fond of her and he tells her to leave so that he can train. However, after a few days, they are able to warm up to each other after he learns about the story of Eniede's father and what she is fighting for. He even offers to help her cause, but Eniede refuses. After that day, they spent their mornings together in the training grounds.

One evening in Logres Castle, Cador is informed that there will be an assassination attempt on Zemeckis' life. He orders MelTorefas to hide in the throne room and guard Zemeckis. After some time has passed, he sees Eniede enter the throne room. He tries to stop Eniede from assassinating Zemeckis but Eniede shoots his arm with an arrow and injures him in the process. Suddenly, Cador attacks her from behind and deals a fatal blow to her.

He spends a few days grieving for Eniede and thinking about what would've happened if he saved Eniede from Cador. He was then approached by Bulnoil in his quarters. Bulnoil offered him a chance to be able to see to Eniede once more. He agreed to follow him. After a few days, Cador reports to Zemeckis that MelTorefas has gone missing, Zemeckis states that a coward like him had no place in the Empire anyway.


MelTorefas has light green eyes and short, straight magenta hair.

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