Merriot (Character)
English Name Merriot
Japanese Name Meriotto (メリオット)
Voice Actor Kanako Mitsuhashi
Gender Female
Age (215) 16
Relationships Cai (Adoptive brother)

Cierra (Friend)
Millia (Friend)

Country Caerleon
Original Castle Linnuis
Class Scout
Equipment Elven Bow
Initial Status
Level 3
HP 396
MP 134
Rune Power 221
Rune Area 4
Strength 58
Intelligence 60
Agility 72
Attack 181
Defense 114
Experience 655
Next Level 409
"The younger sister of King Cai of Caerleon. She is a tomboy who runs around the castle and brightens the atmosphere. She acts like an ordinary young girl who is not snobbish, and is liked by everyone."

Merriot is a Rune Knight from Caerleon.


Merriot is the younger sister of King Cai. She is also good friends with Cierra and Millia. She has a hobby of hunting animals. She thinks that none of the people in Iscalio are normal, as seen in her dialogue with Ulster.


Merriot has grayish eyes and long, straight, chestnut brown hair.