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Flag of the Norzaleo Kingdom


BLoR Rubino SS.png
"He is the keeper of the Brigandine of Justice and heir to the throne of Norzaleo. Rubino's empathy for others and kind heart makes him loved by the people. He also possesses the strength of character to always do what is right. With the flames of war threatening to destroy his nation, Rubino IV steps onto the battlefield to fight in the name of justice."

The kingdom is on a large island northwest of the continent. Established by the hero Adessa donning the Brigandine of Justice, the nation likewise values justice and hard work.

The kingdom’s textile spinning technology boosted its strength until it was on equal standing with major countries of the mainland. The kingdom has been in conflict with the Holy Gustav Empire ever since the “Gustava Incident”.

Initial Status


  • 5 Castles
  • 13 Knights
  • 33 Monsters
  • 543 Mana

Rune Knights

Rubino and the Knights of the Norzaleo Kingdom.

Rune Knight Class Level
Rubino (Ruler) Prince 5
Grados Paladin 23
Ange Schizler Knight 17
Elena Schizler Hunter 5
Pick Barrett Rookie 1
Jiu Saint 22
Theodora Hunter 5
Arianna Temple Knight 11
Leonora Enchantress 1
Brendan Knight 14
Jack Fighter 8
Ferrick Monk 6
Klaus Bishop 12
Maximilian * Knight _

* Maximilian joins in 781 12/24.


Castle Mana
Lanster (Capital) 568
Marmelmo 301
Angrein 325
Lorentz 216
Harmonia 223

Country's Strategy

Located in the northwest corner of Runersia, Norzaleo borders only two other countries: Guimoule and Gustava.

With only two front line bases (bases adjacent to an enemy base), it’s easy to attack and defend. Highly recommended for first-time strategy game players.

Plenty of solid battle units like Paladin Grados and Saint Jiu, who can use recovery magic.

You’ll need to keep an eye on the younger, less experienced knights like ruler Rubino, Elena, and Pick.

Train them well and they’ll become great assets to the Norzaleo war effort. The quickest way to continental conquest is to train older and younger knights together, letting the older ones support the younger.