Paradoll (Character)
English Name Paradoll
Japanese Name Paradūru (パラドゥール)
Voice Actor Jun'ichi Sugawara
Gender Male
Age (215) 27
Relationships -
Country Esgares
Original Castle Salisbury
Class Bishop
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 11
HP 456
MP 249
Rune Power 182
Rune Area 3
Strength 63
Intelligence 70
Agility 64
Attack 191
Defense 111
Experience 5905
Next Level 981
"A priest who supported the conspiracy in Almekia. He instigated the conspiracy by causing mass hysteria. He was a promising priest, but now he is simply doing it for a place in the palace. His dream is to have the power to rule the world."

Paradoll is a Rune Knight from the Esgares Empire.


Paradoll is a priest who used to serve Almekia during King Henguist's rule. Though he acts like he is loyal to God, he only craves power for himself. His dream is to someday rule the world.

During the night of Zemeckis' coup, he propagated lies to the Priest Knight Corps, which consisted of Roecod, Fiel, Clarence and other knights, and converted them to fight against King Henguist. He did this so that he was able to secure a position in Zemeckis' army.


Paradoll has fair skin, very pale eyes, and long, dark blue hair, some of which is covered by the black skullcap he wears.