Paternus (Character)
English Name Paternus
Japanese Name Paterunusu (パテルヌス)
Voice Actor Tetsuo Komura
Gender Male
Age (215) 42
Relationships -
Country Leonia
Original Castle Tallas
Class Cardinal
Equipment Gravity Mace
Initial Status
Level 20
HP 582
MP 307
Rune Power 273
Rune Area 5
Strength 78
Intelligence 87
Agility 72
Attack 226
Defense 119
Experience 18772
Next Level 1878
"He's a Cardinal who supports Queen Lyonesse. Since Lyonesse is not familiar with politics, he administers the affairs of the state. He watches over Lyonesse and Kiloph like a guardian."

Paternus is a Rune Knight from Leonia.


Paternus does not think highly of Dryst and calls him a moron if they meet in battle.


Paternus has orange eyes and receding brown hair that he wears long in the back of his head. He also has a beard and mustache.

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