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Pixie (Japanese: ピクシー) is a monster from the Brigandine series. Pixie can be upgraded to Fairy starting from level 10.


Pixies are tiny bipedal creatures with white skin. They are tied with Fairies as the smallest rune monsters in all of Forsena. They have a pair of yellow antennae sprouting from the top of their head, long pointy ears, green hair and four white wings. Their main weapon of choice to carry in battle are wands. They cannot hold their own in the front lines since they have the lowest amount of HP and base defense among the basic monsters in the game. They also have the lowest base strength and base attack but they make up for it by having the highest base agility. Along with Angels and Demons, they also have the highest base intelligence. They are adept green magic casters. When directly attacked in melee range, they have a chance to counter with a deadly thunderbolt from the sky. They cost 120 mana to summon.


Status Base Stats Stat Growth (TLoF) Stat Growth (GE)
HP 220 4-8 2-10
MP 160 4-6 2-8
Strength 30 0-1 0-1
Intelligence 65 0-2 0-2
Agility 80 1-2 1-2
Attack 130
Defense 90


Attack Name Attack Type Range MP Game Description Target
Stick Tap Melee 1 Hex - "Attack with wand" Enemies Only
Leave me be! Melee 1 Hex - "Critical attack, Counterattack only" Enemies Only


List of Spells:


Castles that can summon Pixies:


  • Dogal joins your army with a Level 1 Pixie named Tinkle.