Raizen (Character)
English Name Raizen
Japanese Name Raizen (ライゼン)
Voice Actor Mitsuaki Hoshino
Gender Male
Age (215) 26
Relationships -
Country Leonia
Original Castle Hadrian
Class Monk
Equipment Rivet Knuckle
Initial Status
Level 11
HP 485
MP 246
Rune Power 160
Rune Area 4
Strength 70
Intelligence 65
Agility 68
Attack 210
Defense 117
Experience 5905
Next Level 981
"A man obsessed with fighting. He never talks to the other Knights, but is always in search of someone to fight. He accidentally killed a man during Kumite and is now despised by his people. However, he never made any excuses for the action."

Raizen is a Rune Knight from Leonia.


When a country captures Leonia's last castle, Raizen will join another country at random. He will continue to join another country at random each time his country is eliminated.


Raizen is bald with blue eyes.