Ranguinus (Character)
English Name Ranguinus
Japanese Name Ranginusu (ランギヌス)
Voice Actor Shigeru Ushiyama
Gender Male
Age (215) 50
Relationships Rain (Son)

Millet (Foster daughter)

Country Esgares
Original Castle Olroute
Class Sorcerer
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 16
HP 413
MP 402
Rune Power 216
Rune Area 4
Strength 51
Intelligence 84
Agility 64
Attack 157
Defense 101
Experience 11921
Next Level 1416
"The head of the Carlsen Family which is known for its powerful magic. He is Rain's father and Millet's foster father. During the rebellion, he stayed in the castle, because he was worrying about his people. This led to him becoming a soldier of Esgares."

Ranguinus is a Rune Knight from the Esgares Empire.


After the Esgares Empire is defeated, Ranguinus can be recruited by sending Rain on a quest when he is in the same castle as Millet and Mira.


Ranguinus has stern features, gray eyes, and receding gray hair, as well as a beard and mustache. He often wears a circlet.