Flag of the Republic of Guimoule


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"She is the daughter of Alden Uzala, the bedridden 15th president of the Republic of Guimoule. The Sword of Ange awakens upon realizing the danger the country faces and tasks her with a life-changing mission. Previously a ballerina performing with a secret identity, she must now accept her fate to don the Brigandine of Glory and perform on the stage of battle."

Established by Mohana Carradine after embedding the five Mana Stones into the continent in a “Mana Release”, it is the self-proclaimed birthplace of Rune Knights, housing the Brigandine of Glory. When the former Rune God faith splintered into two factions – Republic of Guimoule’s Mohana sect and Mana Saleesia Theocracy’s Zai sect – a “Mana Stone 30 Years War” erupted. This scourge in turn triggers a new war on the continent.

Initial Status


  • 8 Castles
  • 12 Rune Knights
  • 35 Monsters
  • 905 Mana

Rune Knights

Eliza and the Knights of the Republic of Guimoule.

Rune Knight Class Level
Eliza Uzala (Ruler)
BLoR Eliza Portrait.png
Rose Knight 20
BLoR Mu'ah Portrait.png
Wizard 21
BLoR Darian Portrait.png
Knight 19
BLoR Cain Portrait.png
Knight 12
BLoR Kate Portrait.png
Rogue 16
BLoR Sugar Portrait.png
Enchantress 1
BLoR Leanne Portrait.png
Enchantress 7
BLoR Diana Portrait.png
Dancer 7
BLoR Rose Portrait.png
Temple Knight 11
BLoR Patricia Portrait.png
Bard 1
BLoR Vayne Portrait.png
Berserker 10
BLoR Conrad Portrait.png
Knight 16
BLoR Marcosias Portrait.png
Fighter 9
BLoR Avenir Portrait.png
Bishop 12
BLoR Faye Portrait.png
Grappler 17

* joins in 781 2/24
** joins in 781 3/24
*** can join after 781 12/24


Castle Mana
Gharghar(Capital) 570
Angela 211
Shumenly 214
Drowarn 220
Orsol 215
Ellandol 290
Cornwern 225
Meraniel 329

Country's Strategy

Starts with 8 total bases, 3 of which are front line bases.

Guimoule begins as a large nation, second in size only to Mana Saleesia. Its larger size, however, means more front line bases. Guimoule starts with three.

Players who choose this nation will need to decide which bases to defend and which of the three bordering bases to attack first.

The nation is well-balanced with various classes, the key knights being ruler Eliza, Mu’ah, and Darian. Its strategically more difficult than Norzaleo, but with more options for troop organization early on.



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