Roadbull (Character)
English Name Roadbull
Japanese Name Rōdoburu (ロ-ドブル)
Voice Actor Yutaka Nakano
Gender Male
Age (215) 49
Relationships Elaine (Daughter)
Country Norgard
Original Castle Listinoise
Class Bishop
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 14
HP 503
MP 289
Rune Power 247
Rune Area 4
Strength 69
Intelligence 81
Agility 64
Attack 203
Defense 111
Experience 9087
Next Level 1224
"He has been working for Norgard since the late King Doremiditt. He was in constant disagreement with King Vaynard right after he took over the throne, but once he saw the ability and talent of Vaynard, he started to think more highly of him."

Roadbull is a Rune Knight from Norgard.


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Roadbull has green eyes and brown hair, including a mustache and goatee.