Roecod (Character)
English Name Roecod
Japanese Name Rōkoddo (ローコッド)
Voice Actor Eiji Takemoto
Gender Male
Age (215) 27
Relationships -
Country Esgares
Original Castle Salisbury
Class Cavalier
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 11
HP 527
MP 130
Rune Power 177
Rune Area 4
Strength 75
Intelligence 53
Agility 68
Attack 220
Defense 127
Experience 5905
Next Level 981
"The leader of the Priest Knight Corps, who supported the rebellion of Zemeckis. He believes in Zemeckis and is against Prince Lance. A man of strong will and sticks to his ideals. Paradoll convinced him to join the army of Zemeckis."

Roecod is a Rune Knight from the Esgares Empire.


In Brigandine: Grand Edition, when a country captures the Esgares Empire's last castle, Roecod will join another country at random.

Roecod is a knight who used to serve Almekia during King Henguist's rule. He is the leader of the Priest Knight Corps, which consists of Fiel, Clarence, and other knights.

During the night of Zemeckis' coup, Paradoll propagated lies to the Priest Knight Corps and converted them to fight against King Henguist. They were a key component to the success of Zemeckis' coup.


Roecod has lightly tanned skin, long brown hair, and very pale green eyes.