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Rune Knight classes are the classes available to Rune Knights in Forsena or Runersia.

About Class

Class represents the breakdown in abilities into which Brigandine characters are assigned. Each character has a class, and will retain the skills or magical abilities of that class after achieving expertise in it. After achieving expertise, class upgrade is available once the level of the Rune knight reaches the next nearest 10 (i.e. Level 10, 20, 30).

Rune Knights can equip certain items (i.e. weapons and accessories) to strengthen themselves or gain new abilities, with the available equipment depending on the character's class.



There are 8 basic class types for Rune Knights: 5 for male knights and 3 for female knights.

There are also 7 special classes for several specific in-game characters (12 in Brigandine: Grand Edition), and two of these special classes have upgrades.

Class Expertise

Every level gained in that class grants one star. A Rune knight can reach expertise in that class by leveling five times in that class. This is indicated by the "Expert!" status. Class upgrade is available once a Rune Knight achieves class expertise and his or her level is a multiple of 10.

Class Upgrade Tree

Male Rune Knight

  • Fighter.gif Fighter or Barbarian.gif Barbarian
    • Lvl 10Cavalier.gif Cavalier white ; Berserker Samurai
      • Lvl 20Paladin.gif Paladin whitewhite
    • Lvl 10Berserker.gif Berserker black | red (GE) ; Cavalier Samurai
      • Lvl 20Avenger.gif Avenger blackblack | blackred (GE)
    • Lvl 10Samurai.gif Samurai ; Cavalier Berserker
      • Lvl 20Shogun.gif Shogun
  • Ranger.gif Ranger
    • Lvl 10Grappler.gif Grappler
      • Lvl 20Champion.gif Champion
    • (GE) Lvl 10, STR >= 55 & AGI >= 60, Player have Shiraha or KazanNinja.gif Shadow blackgreen
      • Lvl 15Ninja Master.gif Shadow Master blackgreengreen
  • Mage.gif Mage red
    • Lvl 10Sorcerer.gif Sorcerer redblue ; Druid
      • Lvl 20Wizard.gif Wizard redbluegreen
    • Lvl 10Druid.gif Druid blackred ; Sorcerer
      • Lvl 20Necromancer.gif Necromancer blackblackred
  • Priest.gif Priest white
    • Lvl 10Bishop.gif Bishop whitewhite ; Monk
      • Lvl 20Cardinal.gif Cardinal whitewhiteblue
    • Lvl 10Monk.gif Monk whitewhite ; Bishop
      • Lvl 20Guardian.gif Guardian whitewhite
  • Any Male (TLoF)
    • Lvl 10, STR >= 70 & AGI >= 65, Player have ShirahaNinja.gif Ninja blackgreen
      • Lvl 20Ninja Master.gif Ninja Master blackgreengreen

Female Rune Knight

  • Scout.gif Scout
    • Lvl 10Archer.gif Archer green ; Lancer
      • Lvl 20Artemis.gif Artemis greengreen
    • Lvl 10Lancer.gif Lancer blue ; Archer
      • Lvl 20Valkyrie.gif Valkyrie whiteblue
  • Enchantress.gif Enchantress blue
    • Lvl 10Sorceress.gif Sorceress blackblue ; Mystic
      • Lvl 20Witch.gif Witch blackblackblue
    • Lvl 10Mystic.gif Mystic whiteblue ; Sorceress Lector | bluegreen (GE) ; Sorceress
      • Lvl 20Sage.gif Sage whiteredblue | bluegreengreen (GE)
  • Cleric.gif Cleric white
    • Lvl 10Lector.gif Lector whitewhite ; Mystic
      • Lvl 20Saint.gif Saint whitewhitewhite | whitewhitered (GE)
    • Lvl 10Mystic.gif Mystic whiteblue (LoF) ; Lector
      • Lvl 20Sage.gif Sage whiteredblue (LoF)

Special Classes

Class Description
BLoF Lord Sprite.png
Vaynard, ruler of Norgard
Prince (GE)
BLoF Prince Sprite.png
Lance, ruler of New Almekia
King (GE)
BLoF Prince Sprite.png
An upgraded version of Prince, available after capturing Logres and eliminating the Esgares Empire
BLoF Emperor Sprite.png
Zemeckis, ruler of Esgares
Mad Monarch (GE)
BLoF Tyrant Sprite.png
Dryst, ruler of Iscalio
Super Tyrant
Mad Monarch Z (GE)
BLoF Tyrant Sprite.png
An upgraded version of Tyrant, available at Level 30
BLoF Warlock Sprite.png
Cai, ruler of Caerleon
Death Knight
BLoF Death Knight Sprite.png
Cador, Rune Knight from Esgares
File:BLoF Claimer Sprite.png
Bulnoil, penultimate boss of Brigandine: Grand Edition
Knight Master
BLoF Knight Master Sprite.png
Dinadan, Rune Knight from Caerleon (GE only)
Death Warrior
File:BLoF Death Warrior Sprite.png
Gaheris, minion of Bulnoil (GE only)
BLoF Queen Sprite.png
Lyonesse, ruler of Leonia
Killer Doll
BLoF Killer Doll Sprite.png
Iria, Rune Knight from Iscalio (GE only)
Death Sniper
File:BLoF Death Sniper Sprite.png
Olwen, minion of Bulnoil (GE only)



There are 12 basic class types for Rune Knights: 6 for either male or female knights. Each class starts with 0 points in Proficiency. Every level gained in that class grants one point in Proficiency. A Rune knight can reach expertise in that class by leveling five times in that class. This is indicated by the "Proficiency 5" badge. Class upgrade is available once a Rune Knight reaches class expertise and level 10, 20 or 30 (where applicable).

Class Expertise

Other than for class upgrade, class expertise will allow the rune knight to retain some of the skills/magic/abilities from the primary class when changing to another class. This is indicated by the Proficiency 5 badge Proficiency 5.

Class Upgrade Tree

Standard Male Rune Knight

Standard Female Rune Knight

Special Classes

  1. Prince blue - Rubino IV, Ruler of Norzaleo Kingdom
  2. Rose Knight red - Eliza Uzala, Ruler of Republic of Guimoule
  3. Shinobi Leader green - Talia, Ruler of Shinobi Tribe
  4. Kaiser black - Tim Gustav, Ruler of Holy Gustava Empire
  5. Hierophant white - Rudo Marco, Ruler of Mana Saleesia Theocracy
  6. Captain blue - Stella Hamett, Ruler of United Islands of Mirelva
  7. Barrett Rookie green - Pick, Barett fairy from Norzaleo Kingdom
  8. Bazoo Fighter green
  9. Prototype red
  10. Founder white
  11. Wanderer (LoR, CM)
    • Lvl 15Rampager
      • Lvl 30Heretic - Aurora, young woman beside Endorian


  • It's possible to dual class a Rune Knight so you can get the combined skills and magic of two classes. For example, if you dual class Bishop/Cardinal and Sorcerer/Wizard, you'll get 18 magic spells (8 from Cardinal and 10 from Wizard). The trick is to change the class every 5 levels, after the word "Expert!" appears above the knight icon. Every level you gain in a certain class will give 1 star, which turns into "Expert!" after 5 level-ups. Some Rune Knight Passive Skill are not retainable though, Example : Counter Damage 10% From Berserker disappear when upgraded to Avenger, while dual classing with Champion retains the Critical %