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Runersia and its six countries

Runersia is the continent used as the titular setting of Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia.

Runersia has been showered in Mana since ancient times, a mystic power bestowed upon humans by the Rune God. Those who receive its power develop immense talent in sword and sorcery, as well as the ability to summon and control ancient monsters.


Runersia is divided into six countries, which begin the game at war with each other. Each country has the same goal: to unify the continent under its own banner.

  • Norzaleo Kingdom - Located in an island northwest of the continent. A nation that values hard work and justice. Ruled by Prince Rubino.
  • Republic of Guimoule - Located western part of the continent and found by the Mohana Sect, a seperatist group who split from the Zai Sect. Ruled by Rose Knight Eliza Uzala.
  • Shinobi Tribe - Located in the Northwestern forests of the continent and founded by a matriachal tribe wishing to be free of the influences of the major nations . Ruled by the Shinobi Leader Talia.
  • Holy Gustav Empire - Founded by a group of displaced rune knights from Norzaleo and rose to power despite lacking a Brigandine armor of their own. Located in the north of the continent. Ruled by Kaiser Tim Gustav.